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Who: Cloud, open to all
When: Day 7, late evening
Where: Outside the door of Apartment C
What: Cloud is limping back from his failed exploration attempt to nurse his wounds.

[So. Snakes suck. And he was stupid for taking one head-on.

Cloud is leaning against the door to Apartment C, taking a break from dragging his sorry ass back to a safer place. He winces, taking care not to put pressure on his broken leg. There are red marks on his arm as well, from where the snake gripped and tried to crush the limb. He was glad he could come away with both arms intact, at least. Lesson learned; don't underestimate the snakes.

He'll continue his limping as soon as he figures out where to go next.]
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[…well, this totally validates his self preservation.]

[Supposes he should do something. Will approach!] Let's get you off your feet. Happen to know where there are medical supplies?
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I'll look after ya get somewhere ya can rest.
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[Shut up, I'm new at this worrying over others thing.]

Right. Let's get ya over there. [H-helping you get there.]
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[Okay, sitting, good. Now he's looking you over. Okay, limited supplies, so what definitely needs attention. Arms, that's bruising, maybe get some cool water from the weird cold box thing. But his leg.]

How bad is your leg?
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[...yeah, that'll need something.]

I'll be right back.

[And gonna go see if he can find those medical supplies. Which...isn't much luck, just some bandages, but does return in a few minutes with a few strips and a few branches from from of his own gathering. Hey, if he couldn't break it without his sword, should be good enough for a splint, right?]

So what did you run into? [Will get to work on that splint.]
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Ah. Yeah, those sort of things can wrap ya up pretty tight.

[This sounds reasonable. He got pelted with rocks by a giant bird.]

[Also, trying not to be too harsh with the splinting, but still probably pulling the ties pretty tight.]
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[He's no healer. All he's got is basic field first aid. =|a]

[He sits back when he's done.] Nothing else dire I missed, right?
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[Meh, kid's broken enough legs, about time he actually help with one.]

Never had the chance to do it much, but the sticsk are pretty tough, so it should hold. Just have to keep off it until it heals...

However long that takes. [How long DOES it take for bones to heal...?]
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[I am new at this, all right. It's a bit daunting.]

[Stupid new experiences.]


[And that's STILL WEIRD. Getting thanks.]
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[...just kind of sitting here. Do I just leave now?]
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... [Well, I certainly wouldn't say no to that.]

[Nods.] All right. Just call if ya need anything.

[And will stand up.] See ya. [And he'll leave you alone.]