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Life can end in the blink of an eye... and yours just did.

But what awaits you in the afterlife may not be what you expected. There are no pearly gates here, nor fluffy clouds, or warm sunshine, and no loved ones awaiting you with open arms. Only an ancient, overgrown castle, and a few too many unfortunate deceased like yourself.

What awaits you instead is a new life in the world of Thusia, where you can make deals with the local gods if you are interested in doing things like eating, and work with the other new 'residents' to spruce up your new headquarters. For despite its age, this ancient castle is rich with life. But not human life, perhaps not even sentient life. Nature has reclaimed virtually every room of what should be your new home. From moss wallpaper to thick vine rugs, not to mention the beasts of assorted shapes and sizes (but which all seems to have many pointy bits). At some point in the past, Nature won a war here, and has been living comfortably ever since. It's hers now, and she has no plans to make room for the sudden tide of newcomers, so if you want some elbow room or a place to call your own, you will have to carve it out of her yourself.

This is the world where you begin your new life, granted to you in repayment for a life cut short. Can you adapt, and make sacrifices to the gods so that you can live in their favor? Hopefully so, because trying to fight against the ever-creeping flora will be plenty of work without being on the bad side of the local dieties. Can you live with your new 'neighbors', who have also recently suffered an untimely death and would probably like nothing more than a place to go deal with it alone? And will you be able to work together, in this cramped space with danger pressing in on all sides, or will Thusia's new, first generation, kill itself before nature can take its course?

What you make of your new life is in your hands, but no matter which you choose, there are no easy roads in Thusia.
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