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Who: Yuri, helpers, bystanders and eventually Rita
Where: terrible spider room
When: Day 7, later morning.
What: how do you murder a room full of spiders?

[you smoke it out.

when the smoke clears, you can see the entire room is covered in webbing on top of some of the normal vegetation; there are also a bunch of unconscious or dead spiders laying around so you might want to get those taken care of...

in the center of the room there is a giant cocoon. big enough to hold a person inside, even]
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[Looks like she got some help, but he'll ask anyway.]

You all right?
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Need any help going back?
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I'm not going back until I look for Estelle.
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Who's Estelle?
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My... friend. She was with me. She's a pretty girl in a dress with short pink hair.
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We can keep an eye out for her. You should go back.
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And why should I trust you to do that?
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[Shrugs a shoulder. He doesn't have a decent answer.]

Whether you trust me or not, I'll do it anyway.
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