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New god intro!

Who: Mortals, gods
When: Day 13, afternoon
Where: Shrine Room
What: The other kind of new arrivals.

[a teenaged girl with intricately braided hair and dressed in sandals, a flowy, brightly-patterned skirt, and a short-sleeved sweater that looks like it was made of the leftovers of a million other sweaters, is pacing the shrine room, twisting a loop of yarn strung between her hands. A pile of reddish sand seems to move around, following her.]

Perhaps away from the corner...
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[Watching, as usual. There's something interesting about seeing the gods pick their spots so carefully.]

Does it matter?
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Putting it somewhere requires talent?

[clearly he's not an interior decorator...]
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[He still doesn't get the importance of it, but goes silent. Maybe she'll pick a spot and he'll see for himself.]
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[She ended up in a corner after all... huh. He doesn't get much out of that, so he'll stay quiet as she builds her shrine.]
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[Another new god? He glances over.]

How come? Does it make you stronger?
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So it's for us?
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Then put it anywhere.
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It doesn't matter where you put it, as long as others can see it.
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[He takes a moment to digest that.]

Give it a reason to be there, and people will come. Is that it?
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[Going quiet again before glancing around the room.]

Which one's yours?
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[That shrine actually looks pretty interesting. Cloud stares.]

It looks... different.
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What's your domain?

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