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Nature Exploration

Who: The Adventurous.
When: Day 7, Afternoon through Evening
Where: The Hallways & Uncleared Apartments

[ Nature's still outside of those doors, boys and girls. And it's waiting for you. ]

(( OOC: Remember, teaming up is awesome. ))
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[Hmmm, doors or hallway?



.......... he chooses the door to the left.]
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[Of course there'd be more plants. There's some kind of interesting tree thing too. That'll be hard to get rid of. Other rooms too... that'll be useful.

He starts tugging at the vines in the doorway to bring them down. At least to clear that up before moving in further. He'll leave the tree for later; he wants to scout out the other rooms.]
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[Decisions... let's go with cautiously opening the door to Room 2.]
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[Huh, weird plants. He half wonders if he should bring Aerith here to check these out.

Well, he should check them out first. Just in case. As he steps inside, his eyes catch the bit of bright yellow. He'll just unsheathe his sword and keep it held in a defensive position as he continues in.]
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[Nnnnngh we know what happens with large vines.

Still. Better for him to find out if it's a snake or not, rather than let someone else run into one.

He takes his sword and swings it -- not as hard as he'd like, due to lessened strength and little room to actually swing it hard -- right into the vine.]
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[NOT GONNA HESITATE and immediately going on the offense, striking again.]
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[...much longer than he thought. Trying not to let that deter him, Cloud whirls around to cast a Fire to keep some of the coils back.

Except the Fire is not as big as it should've been. Caught off guard, some of the coils manage to loop around his legs and an arm.]
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[He grits his teeth. That hurt a lot. He could tell it could probably break his bones if it kept up. It's hard to move whatever it grabbed, but at least he had one free arm. Rather than focus on burning the snake, he returns to his initial plan of trying to stab the thing as hard as he can.

Even if it takes multiple tries, he'll keep at it. Maybe he'll hack it before it crushes him-- or it'll loosen his grip. Either way, it's all he can go for right now.]
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[Doing that for his arm, then. Two arms are better than one. The moment the grip loosens, he uses the chance to free it.]
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[Ow. Ow. Using both arms, he tries to put his upper body weight into stabbing downward. If the attacks made it lose its grip before, then maybe...]
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[Damn it. Cloud immediately pulls away from the snake and retreats before it can get at him again. He stumbles, trying to get out of the room as fast as possible.

If he manages to get out, he's going to slam the door in its face.]
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[At this rate, he's going to hate snakes so much. He hopes the stupid thing bleeds out or something.

Cloud limps back out to the hallway. He's gonna have to do something about this leg, and warn people about the snake later.]