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Who: Yuri, helpers, bystanders and eventually Rita
Where: terrible spider room
When: Day 7, later morning.
What: how do you murder a room full of spiders?

[you smoke it out.

when the smoke clears, you can see the entire room is covered in webbing on top of some of the normal vegetation; there are also a bunch of unconscious or dead spiders laying around so you might want to get those taken care of...

in the center of the room there is a giant cocoon. big enough to hold a person inside, even]
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[Fuck spiders man there's smoke, screams and runs to hide behind the nearest person]
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[What. Why is there screaming and why is someone hiding behind me? Cloud quickly scans the area to see if there's another enemy out there, something other than the spiders.

...not seeing anything.]
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[Clinging to your arm and cowering oh my god why does fire even exist]
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[...yeah, still not seeing anything other than the spiders. Might as well ask, then.]

Did you see something?
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S-S-S-S-Smoke! There's fire!!
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[Glancing around to see if there's any fire running out of control... hmm.]

I just see smoke. No fire.
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I-I-Is the fire gone?
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[He's not even sure if the fire was that big to begin with, but it'll probably be better to go along with it.]

Yeah, I don't see it anywhere.
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[I run and cower from cigarettes, size isn't important] Ferris wheel... You're sure?
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[Blinks at the "Ferris wheel", but doesn't say anything about it. He just nods.]
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[Slooooowly comes out from behind you, glancing in the room]
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[Watching, sorta amused and idly stabbing down on the spiders lying around.]

You don't like fire?
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Fire is bad!!
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It can be, sometimes.
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It's bad all the time!
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Even if you need light?
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-Oh, right. Humans need that to see... B-But there are safer ways!
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[Not human, Cloud confirms. Looks that way too.]

Like what?
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Uh, torches? Lightbulbs? Things like that. Things that don't b-b-burn.
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We don't always have those.
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I... I know...
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...as long as you keep your distance, I guess you'll be all right.

You've got the right idea, looking out for smoke.