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ITP: Intro...

Who: Ashe, anyone
When: Day 6, late evening
Where: Shrine room
What: Intro

[After having picked herself up off the floor, there is a girl in a hot pink mini-skirt, staring at the various shrines. Staaaaaaring. Do you approach?]a
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[Also standing and staring with his arms crossed, but kinda debating whether or not he should ask if she's okay. Hmmmm.]
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[Oop. Caught.]

You're new, right?
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I'm Cloud. I was dragged here, like you.
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To save this world. Yeah, I heard the same.
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Me neither.

I'm not interested in getting dragged into another god's plans.
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Looks like it.

...I didn't catch your name.
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[Nods. Ashelia, huh?]

I'll remember it.
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