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Who: People
When: Day 6, late afternoon
Where: into the hallway from Apt A
What: exercise

[someone is standing up for the first time in a day and making his way stiffly towards the hallway. He stretches as he moves to ease his body from the paralysis, rolling shoulders and arm trying to get his body to respond]

Stupid bugs. Damned things and their stupid biting. There better be somethin' out there 'sides bugs.
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About this big.

[Trying to indicate with his hands, about six inches long.]
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[A whole room of bugs that big...]

Did you make it out okay?
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[Does have some bandaging. Not at all bloody, though.]

We lived! That's better than last time I tried to fight.
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It's a start. Don't let it get to your head, though.
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Yeah. I was thinking I'd stay back and recover before following anyone out again.
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I get one or two. Maybe I missed my calling as a philosopher.
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It's never too late to switch -- trade the sword in for more ideas.
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But I need something to stare at to look contemplative.
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How about the stars?
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That's an idea.