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[Cloud's here, but not necessarily to eat. He's keeping an eye out for a certain someone— he hasn't seen her since this morning. He didn't know when she went out, but she hasn't been back since. It made him restless.

Thinking she'd at least come over to eat, he arrived to scope out this area. Maybe he could ask someone if they saw her while he's here.]
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[Snnnnneaking up behind him...]
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[He's so preoccupied with searching for Aerith, Aella's presence doesn't even register.]
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[Will it register when she's darting in (SUPER QUIETLY) to put freezing cold hands on his cheeks?]
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[Boy howdy does it register. Completely taken by surprise, he jerks forward while instinctively twisting to shove the offender back.]
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[Dodges back nimbly, laughing.] Gotcha!
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[Oh, it's her.]

You're... Aella.

[See, he remembered.]
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And you're Distracted McEasyface.
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[There's a reason for that, but rather than explain himself he'll just go quiet again.]

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[Poke. Pokepokepokepokepokepokepoke.]
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[Inching away from the pokes and giving her a look. What?]
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[Following. Pokes again.]

Standin' around, spacin' out like a dumbass... What's with that?
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...someone I know is missing.
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[Oooh boy.]

What do they look like? Maybe I've seen 'em.
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She has brown hair — [he gestures the length] — down to here, and she usually wears pink.

Her name is Aerith.
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[Waiting hopefully. ;;]

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Ah, not since yesterday.

Want some help lookin' for her?
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[Damn it.]

...yeah, I think I need it.
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If you're here to eat, go ahead. We can catch up later.
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I'll be done in, like, five minutes.

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[Looking over.]

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You doing okay?