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New god intro!

Who: Mortals, gods
When: Day 13, afternoon
Where: Shrine Room
What: The other kind of new arrivals.

[a teenaged girl with intricately braided hair and dressed in sandals, a flowy, brightly-patterned skirt, and a short-sleeved sweater that looks like it was made of the leftovers of a million other sweaters, is pacing the shrine room, twisting a loop of yarn strung between her hands. A pile of reddish sand seems to move around, following her.]

Perhaps away from the corner...
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[Another new god? He glances over.]

How come? Does it make you stronger?
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So it's for us?
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Then put it anywhere.
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It doesn't matter where you put it, as long as others can see it.
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[He takes a moment to digest that.]

Give it a reason to be there, and people will come. Is that it?
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[Going quiet again before glancing around the room.]

Which one's yours?
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[That shrine actually looks pretty interesting. Cloud stares.]

It looks... different.
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What's your domain?
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[Cloud hesitates, wondering if he's being tested or messed around with. The other god doesn't seem to have any malicious intent, though. So, after taking another look at the shrine, he answers:]

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Then you'll... teach us things?