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Who: Everyone dumb/smart enough to go outside
When: Day 5, Late Morning - Afternoon
Where: The hallways & Uncleared apartments

[ So you've decided to go outside and get a feel for the area. I sure hope you're armed. ]

(( OOC: Kicking off the new arrivals with an exploration post! We will be working on this post for the rest of the night and tomorrow, so feel free to jump in whenever. We would appreciate it if people teamed up for this post, but if you feel like running off on your own, feel free to do that as well! ))
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[He's not sure what they should expect, but Cloud is ready to see what kind of clean up job they're supposed to do. Buster sword in hand (which felt kind of off, he noted) he exited the room.

The explosion of foliage and greenery surprises him when he steps into the hallways. It's almost like a jungle out here. He pauses to wait for Aerith.]
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[Aerith is following behind him, just a little slowly. Despite the fact she knew the place was overrun with plant life, it was different seeing it.

She does have her staff in her hands, and she grips it tight as she catches up to Cloud.]

So we're just clearing this out, right? It shouldn't be too hard.

[Yes, there is some uncertainty in her voice there.]

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[Hearing her waver, he makes sure to stand close by; half-comforting and half-protective. If he stood too far from her, he wasn't sure how well he could maneuver around in the halls with the sword.]

Don't know how we're supposed to do it, though.

[Just... start tearing down vines? Fire?]
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[She's not too sure, either, but she's hesitant to start destroying things before seeing what may be ahead.]

I think the others are just taking vines down, but I'm sure it's not that simple. I haven't seen any animals yet, either.

[She does pick up a pleasant scent, and is compelled to follow it. She almost does before she remembers herself and shakes her head.]

You don't think these plants have magic, do you?
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[He glances at her, peeling his gaze away from the environment for a moment.]

You never know. Why?
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[She is starting to feel like cutting them away isn't the best there more vines than before?]

I just get this strange feeling from them. Like they're trying to draw me in?

[She is side eyeing these vines pretty hard.]
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[Whoa now with the black vines. Black is always a sign of bad things - but usually rotten things with plants.

Not that these are ordinary plants, mind.

So she just steps forward a bit, edging her weapon forward to push through some of the vines. Maybe they'll just hang off to the side?]
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[She does notice the heaviness, and takes a step back, shooting a look at Cloud.]

Maybe we should try to cut that one down? The others don't seem too hard to push out of the way.
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[He nods. Leave this to him.

Cloud hefts the sword up, steadying it. Chopping through now.]
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[Well, damn. That was a big snake.]

Aerith, get back!

[He snaps, quickly pulling the sword back in case it decided to strike. The blade still felt strange in his hands, but he wasn't paying attention to that right now.]
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[She had stayed back a bit, because unexpected snake was unexpected. And she stepped to the side a little to see what it looked like.

Aerith ended up stepping right into one of the vines trying to get at them. A vine wraps around her wrist, and she yanks her arm, trying to pull away, but it only makes the vine grip tighter.]
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[So this is what they meant by the wildlife. Lesson learned.

Cloud notices her movements, the vine gripping at her, and immediately pivots to cut it. It leaves him open to the other vines -- and probably the snake by extension -- but his priority was her safety.]
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[She is surprised that she was caught off guard so easily, but the snake is a huge distraction. She's focused on her wrist being caught, though, and holds her arm out to see if it'll make cutting the snake off of her wrist easier for Cloud.]
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[Just gonna chop that, then. The thinner, vine-like parts weren't so bad to cut through. The main body of the snake seemed like the real tough part. Still, there were more vines trying to wrap around his legs and arms. If this kept up, he'd be tangled pretty good.

Shortly after cutting Aerith free, he focuses on himself. It's a difficult with the large sword, though. When he swings at the vines near his legs, he's scraping the floor with the edge.]
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