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[Quietly standing by and listening in.]
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[it's really quite pretty! she notices you but since you seem to be listening keeps going]
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[It's relaxing, too. She doesn't seem to mind an audience, so he leans against the wall and just chills.]
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[eventually the performance stops and she turns to really look at you]

What did you think?
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It was nice. Thanks for letting me listen.
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Any time. It's nice to have something to do that isn't fighting nature or... recovering from it. I'm Zelda.
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It's not a bad idea to take a break from fighting once in a while.

I'm Cloud. [Glances at the large bird.] Is that one yours too?
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No, in fact I think it's probably very important. Otherwise you might forget about what you're fighting for.

[nods and turns to pet the bird a bit, it squaaa's in its sleep and nuzzles against her]

Yes, my loftwing. She's been rather depressed, I'm afraid. I hope we find some windows soon.
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["Forget what you're fighting for..." His expression momentarily falls when he hears that, understanding that phrase a little too well. He tries to move past that topic.]

This place must be pretty small for a big bird like her.
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[noootices but continues on too]

Yes. The poor thing. I don't think she's ever been stuck inside this long. [siigh] The sky isn't really a rare commodity where we're from.
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The place you're from— what was it like?
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Skyloft? A floating island. So really, ground was much scarcer. But even after I moved to the surface, it wasn't like I couldn't just take off whenever I wanted...

I like having the solid earth under my feet, but I don't care for being trapped this way.
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Neither do I.

It looks like it'll still be a little while until we find a way out, though. We've found nothing but rooms so far.

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It is you, isn't it?
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[Oh, hey, it's that girl...]

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What, don't you recognize me, Princess? It hasn't been that long!
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[This face forever.]

You've got the wrong guy.
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You're undercover? Even here?
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Underco— no. I'm not a princess.
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Oh, me and my big mouth!

Sorry, sorry, your identity's safe with me, I promise!
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I don't have any other identity.

My name's Cloud. We haven't met before.
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[for a moment she looks so sad but-]
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Oh. Of course. My mistake.
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[Her reaction makes him pause.]

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Well, "Cloud," it's nice to meet you. I'm Aerta.

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