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Who: Everyone =D Hopefully some new ones
When: Day 5, Morning!
Where: Apt A
What: Arrivalls..?

[Of course, if you AREN'T a new person, you may just be contemplating breakfast. Conveniently still around and not doing anything in case people suddenly pop in...]
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[She's a little dumbfounded.



She definitely remembered leaving the group behind and after that things get fuzzy. Besides the whole dying thing. She remembers the dying, just not specifics.]

Is anyone else here?

[Now she's looking around for any of their friends.]
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[...it can't be. It absolutely can't.

He's frozen in shock at the sight of her, eyes wide and voice failing. Her questions barely register at all. When he manages to speak, it's almost a disbelieving whisper.]

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[She focuses back on him, and she looks a little worried. He looks shocked, to say the least, and she tries to remember the last time she saw him.

Her clearest memory of him is when she left. She'd tried to reach him, to find some way to tell him she would be okay but she didn't know if he remembered it, since he hadn't exactly been in a good frame of mind at the time.

She's not sure what to make of his reaction. Or the fact that he's here, too.]

I just showed up. A little bit ago, actually.

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[His first impulse is to ask why she's here, even though he knows exactly why. Everyone here died somehow. Seeing her again only drove that point further.

...but still. She looks so alive.]

Oh, [he manages to respond. What else can he say?] ...I'm sorry.
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[She raises her eyebrows at his apology. He seems a bit different than she remembers, but a lot of that could be due to showing up here. And dying.

Aerith sighs a bit, shaking her head a bit.]

Don't apologize. I think we're all showing up from out of nowhere, right? Seems like everyone has the basics done, but no details.

[A part of her wants to ask him a million questions about what happened after she left the group. She also knows now probably isn't the time for it. But the urge to grill him about their friends is rising.]
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[Internally, he feels like he was struck with a sack of materia. She sounds like she doesn't know why he's apologizing. It's almost like she doesn't know. Were her memories altered? It was a different world, but there were still gods around. Maybe it's possible? Maybe it's just like Tifa, except not as severe.

...it's admittedly a big conclusion to jump to, but at least the thought forces Cloud to collect himself.]

Did someone tell you about the gods, too?
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[Her memories of her death are a little fuzzy, so naturally she does assume he's apologizing for the situation they're currently in.

Aerith's expression goes a little thoughtful as she recalls what she's been told so far.]

I know we're all here to help these Gods, but that's about it. I haven't found anyone who knows any details yet. What have you been told?

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This world is called "Thusia". The gods here want us to clean it up.

But... it's dangerous. Someone told me we're not as strong as we were.
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Thusia. I wonder what that means.

Someone did mention powers aren't like they were - I haven't tried to heal since I've been here, so I don't know how it's been affected. And I don't have any working materia on me. Just my mother's.

[Which would be truly useless in this place - but sentimental value still holds for her. She does remember one other thing she came with -]

I also have my staff?

[She can whack things pretty hard, you know.]
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[Holy, huh... He doesn't ask about it, moving on and smirking at the mention of her staff. Yeah, he remembers that.]

I don't have much either. Just the sword.
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That's better than nothing! I wonder what kinds of abilities everyone else has? Or what we'd need our abilities for?

[They sure are an eclectic bunch, if anything. ]
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A guy told me the wildlife here was rough. He didn't say how, but it sounds like he had trouble.
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Really? I guess we'll have to keep an eye out, then.

Do you know if anyone's gone further out there?

[With this, she gestures at the door that leads to everything else. Building? Vast open space? She had no idea right now.]
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[He nods.]

He said everything's covered in plants. I was thinking about taking a look.
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You were? Would you mind any company?

[She is a little desperate to explore. Enemy plants or not!]
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It could be dangerous, Aerith.
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[Gives him a little bit of a mock frown and plants her hands at her hips.]

It's always dangerous, Cloud.

[Then she relaxes, giving him a smile.]

You're my bodyguard, right? So I'll have to be there for you to guard! I can be helpful too, you know.
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[The 'bodyguard' comment stings a little, but not as much as he would've expected.]

I know.

[He gives in.]

If you come with me, you have to stay close by.
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Of course! I wouldn't run off by myself.

[Since she hasn't before. Not at all. Noooope. It does take her a second to realize she has probably not had the best track record with that.]

...here at least!
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[Oh, yes, he knows about that tendency to run off on her own very well.]

All right. Then let's go together.
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Okay. Besides I'm sure these plants can't be that dangerous.
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Guess we'll find out.

[Heading outside now, y/n?]
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[Is following Cloud out of the room, curious to the brim about this place.]

((ooc: you want to explore here or in the explore thread? :) ))
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((Explore thread sounds good to me, if you don't mind! I'll go ahead and start up a tag over there and link you in a bit. Exploration happenings continued here.))
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