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Who: Everyone =D Hopefully some new ones
When: Day 5, Morning!
Where: Apt A
What: Arrivalls..?

[Of course, if you AREN'T a new person, you may just be contemplating breakfast. Conveniently still around and not doing anything in case people suddenly pop in...]
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[ What is this thing at his feet? An attack 'bot?

It doesn't look like it's causing any harm, though... ]
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[It's pretty harmless, all things considered. It seems more interested in analyzing your boot than raining destruction down upon you.]
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[ It doesn't look like it's doing much, so he lets it do whatever.

He glances up, spots the girl in the corner, and calls out to her. ]

Is it yours?
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[She nods, putting placating hands on its little head to stop its probing]

Is he bothering you?
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[ Shrugs. ]

Not really. Just wasn't sure what it was.
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[She stoops down to pick him up, cradling him against her. It seems to be a motion borne more out of the need for comfort than anything else.]

He's a robot.
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[ Watching her hold it. ]

A pet robot?
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[She keeps him close, nodding.]

He protects me.
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[ He wonders how effective the robot really is. After all, she's here with the rest of the dead people. He knows better than to say something like that, though. ]

That's a pretty good robot to have.
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[Nnnnnot very effective]

Mm...he's very helpful.
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Keep him close. You never know what's out there.
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[Doing just that]

They say the wildlife here is dangerous.
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[He nods.]

And we're not as strong as before.
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Not as strong...are you injured?
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No. Someone told me everyone's abilities are weaker.

I haven't seen it for myself yet, but... you should be aware of it. Just in case.
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Is it the gods's doing?
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I'm not sure. I've heard it wasn't.
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[That seems to be the preferable answer]

It would be foolish to steal our power and then ask for our assistance.
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Yeah, it would.

[ He's still suspicious about it, though... :\a ]