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Who: anyone
When: Day 152, afternoon
Where: just outside the HQ

Maybe the light will be better on this side... I think the building's going to be a problem no matter what.
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Who: Yuuki Kurosu and You!
When: Day 152, Morning
Where: Outside H.Q.
What: Awoken after having been catched for... quite a while.

[Rubbing her eyes, the girl who awakes is small. She's short for her age, with long, brown hair. Her eyes are a similar shade. She's pretty but she's not in the best shape. Her hair is a mess, in disarray, and overall, she's a little too skinny. Her entire body wobbles a bit, disorientated while she tries to push herself up to her feet.

She's right outside of H.Q. And her mind's a little fuzzy while she stumbles forward.]
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Who: Langer and you
When: Day 151, morning
Where: Wherever you are
What: Whatever you are doing

[There is someone watching. Watching and waiting to be noticed.]
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Who: That kid still hasn't put a shirt on, and his pants are still super tight
When: Day 150, dusk
Where: by the fountains

[ Gerasimos and his tight pants have a blanket set out with a number of dried herbs, ground and arranged each on a small white slip of paper. He also seems to be working on making a number of hemp necklaces- you know, the ones with the little glass beads. He watches all who pass, but calls out to none. ]
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Who: Anyone
When: Day 150, morning (Maybe slightly forward dated since it's a jump from the last post.)
Where: Common Area
What: Weather Station Exploradora

[It's a kind of overcast today. Lucky it hasn't actually rained yet!]

[And there's this lady, waiting in the Common Area, watching the clouds rather impassively. Or maybe slightly annoyed/worried, depending how well you can read linefaces. There are two cases at her feet. And there is a white board at her side.]

['LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR WEATHER MONITORING STATION SET UP' written in bold letters. 'Yes, you will receive payment for your work' written in smaller text under it.]

((Sign up (YOU CAN SIGN UP LATE, just pm Albinia in chan for s group.) || Mingle || Albinia ||Groups || Area B|| Area C))
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Who: Anyone
When: Day 149, afternoon and on
Where: Around
What: the doctors Mushishi are finally here

[So it's been a couple days since the infestation took hold. The mushi seemed to have latched on to Thusia's enhancement of growth and the way they've grown and multiplied is unprecedented in their own world. For many people, this means that their conditions worsened quickly. But now, the price of that speedy growth is starting to take it's toll. For those who are lucky, what they're affected with starts to fade naturally, or the mushi that they're infected with starts to reach the end of its life cycle before more damage can be done.

For those less lucky... It's taken a couple days and a lot of cajoling a certain surly god for assistance, but the mushishi (Ginko, Tanyuu, and Ahito) are finally here. After taking a while to look around and evaluate the situation, they set up by the bulletin board and at the first opportunity there will be fliers posted around the HQ with instructions on how to treat some of the problems being caused by the mushi. In other cases they may be wandering around looking for the difficult cases that need treatment right away. EITHER WAY THEY'RE HERE TO HELP THOSE WHO CAN BE HELPED.]

[Ahito | Ginko | Tanyuu]

((OOC: Ginko, Tanyuu, and Ahito will be making top comments that people can hit up, either for treatment or to ask questions ICly! Just let them know in your tag where your charas ran into each other. Thread-pace will likely be extremely chill.

FOR PEOPLE WHO JUST WANT TO TREAT THEIR CR, feel free to start off a thread with reading over the instruction postings, and I will come provide flavor tags to help you out! Also, some mushi will not need treatment for their effects to fade, so if your chara has one of those mushi, I will let you know in flavor text if/when you tag, or you're welcome to give me a tap on IRC or plurk to ask.

ETA: I am going to bed but I will make sure to pick up with anyone needing flavor text to resolve their mushi situation.))
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Who: Two PROFESSIONALS!!!!!! And you!
When: Day 149, morning
Where: Common area

[so while you're worrying over strange spirit thingies possessing you, or possibly suffering from said strange spirit things . . .

Two idiots have set up a table in the common area with a sign that says "Lawyer and Detective for Hire! Inquire Here".

The detective in question looks about as excited to do this as much as he'd be excited to catch a mushi]

Are you sure this is going to work?
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Who: Anyone
When: Day 148-149, evening to morning
Where: HQ area
What: Dem Mushi

[So those of you unaffected are probably going about your day pretty normally, other than the sense of buzzing and liveliness in the air. At this point most of the 3rd level's indoor plant-life has gotten a weird boost but the pace of growing is slowing down again. The effects seem to be.. drifting downward toward level 2 and level 1 instead.

However, quite a few of those who are affected will find that their condition is worsening, possibly in rather alarming ways.]

((ooc: I (ceesoo) will be running out to a movie soon but I will definitely work on threading effects tonight and all day tomorrow o7! Karri will also be here to run some escalation this evening as well. PEOPLE WHO ARE AFFECTED BY FAR-SEEING MUSHI, I AM CLAIMING YOU GUYS so you may not get a response while I'm out but I WILL DO THIS THING AS SOON AS I'M BACK. I AM HERE AND SHALL REMAIN SO UNTIL THURSDAYISH

People who picked their own mushi, feel free to tag into this post too and I can embellish on what's happening to your charas.))
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Who: Anyone
When: Day 148, late-morning-ish
Where: Bulletin Board
What: What even is happening.

[SO WHILE ALL THIS CRAZINESS IS GOING ON, someone has stuck several sheets of paper to the bulletin board and written out in bold, brush-stroked characters:

Careful if you encounter anything weird today. It might be a mushi. They're kind of like spirits or lower life forms and interacting with them carelessly can be harmful. Seems like they're doing pretty well in Thusia. Depending on your sensitivity you might not be able to see them though.

I don't really know much about them, unfortunately. The ones I'm aware of so far are the Kouki, which manifests as light when you close your eyes, and some kind of mushi that deafens you if it gets in your ear. Don't stare directly at the light by the way, you'll forget natural light or something like that. Go ahead and add anything weird you've encountered here if you want.

Anyway, I forced that shrub god to take a letter to the people who know how to deal with these things. If he's really a god of preservation help should be on the way.


((ooc: FEEL FREE TO USE THIS POST TO LEAVE INFORMATION/ENCOUNTERS YOUR CHARAS ARE HAVING. Also feel free not to notice this notice until after your chara is hit with a mushi if you want them to be affected!))
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Who: All of Thusia
When: Day 148, all day
Where:All over HQ

Since the day before, the strange sightings have certainly increased, and those of you sensitive to such maybe-spiritual things have probably been wondering what the balls is even going on. Surely your spiritradars have been going crazy!

Just overnight, perhaps those of you closing your eyes for a few moments caught the sight of... something, something gold and lively. A line into a trickle into a creek, the tiny flow of light grows as much as its weakened state allows. For some people, it's hard to look at, as bright and beautiful as it is. For others, however...

By morning, things have certainly changed. Those who cannot see it can certainly feel it-- the movements of something in the air, the activity, the excitement of some sort of new life going about its business.

But maybe they're just annoying insects, who can really say?

(( OOC: Mushi event start! Here is the list of mushi that are free to play with to your heart's content! If you want it randomized, you can ping me(Karri) or Link(when she's around) or just toss some numbers into RNG. If you have any questions, PM me on IRC or ping me on plurk! Email works too.

Please note that all effects are heavily increased by Thusia's growth rate-- so what might normally take days or weeks could take a matter of hours. Unless fixed, of course.


Jul. 9th, 2013 11:02 pm
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Who: People
When: Day 147, morning and on
Where: 3rd Level
What: Something odd?

[So hey. People in apartments A through H on Level 3 may be experiencing a bit of oddness. Any plant-life that they've recently gathered and brought back to their apartments seems to remain unusually fresh, or in some cases even start developing shoots and sprouts not long after they're brought back. Plants that are potted seem even more vibrant and healthy than even Thusia's naturally vigorous flora might account for (especially if those potted plants have been cleansed already).

AND for those people who are sensitive to the natural world, or sensitive to spirits and that sort of thing, they may notice, when walking through that particular hall or hanging out near or in the baths, that they might start seeing things out of the corner of their eyes. Something barely there, or wiggling or drifting and disappearing, like the specks one sometimes sees in their own eyes.]

((ooc: Just a bit of foreshadowing mingle-thing for the Mushi Event this Saturday! Feel free to notice the slight surge of nature-y-ness! Or use the post to play with other mingle things.))


Jul. 5th, 2013 07:18 pm
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Who: Anyone
When: Day 146, evening
Where: Shrine area
What: Intros!

[Apparently Thusia is demonstrating for our new arrival(s) what is meant by nature overrunning things. The spiders are less obviously numerous at this point but they may have wedged themselves into various dark corners, awaiting the unsuspecting person to reach into the cupboard or sit down at a table...]

[ The Lone Wanderer | Someone old renewed ]
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Who: YOU.
When: Day 146, afternoon
Where: Errywhere

[Today, there are spiders.


Maybe they are on your walls. Maybe they are on your face! Or in your hair, or in your food . . . !]
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Who: Anyone
When: Day 146, morning
Where: Portals
What: A not-so-long awaited return

[So for those who were curious about that counter that said "6 days" a couple days ago in the portal room next to the level 3 baths, the numbers on it have been jumping around the last couple of days, up and down, as if giving a live update of the haggling that's been going on behind the scenes.

Today the numbers run all the way down to zero suddenly and then is replaced with the following:

"Duration: approx 2-3 days"

With that the portal surface starts to ripple in the way that indicates that it's become permeable, and those who wander by the area may start to get the distinct smell of salty ocean air coming through it. Those on this side who try to push through it will find that although their hand disappears through the shadow layer of the portal, something that feels sort of like saran wrap blocks their hand on the other side, stretching under their weight but not letting them through.

Not so for the other side though, and if people stick around long enough they might get a surprise.]

((ooc: OK. Pre-visit threading if you're so inclined! Otherwise everyone is free to comment to this post (normal residents too, of course)! Good-enders, please indicate you're visiting in your header so people can spot you easily. You will be allowed to visit and post freely for 2-3 IC days, which translates to maybe a little more than a week OOCly.

Questions go here.))
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Who: Saberlancer + ANYONE
When: Day 145, evening
Where: around!

[One very worn out Servant is coming in from a day of hard work (but apparently fruitless work, considering he's not carrying anything).

He might just stop you!]

Excuse me, may I ask you a question?

[doing something elsewhere? feel free to jack this post for it!]
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Who: Bluebird, YOU.
When: Day 145, morningish.
Where: Shrine Area.

[Oh hello it's another new girl wearing (murdercave) red!! She's dirty and dishevelled, and there's a pallor to her tanned skin.]

— bright! It's bright!

[Also there's a bird hopping and fluttering nearby.]
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Who: who indeed
When: Day 1435, morning, later

[ How you guys doing? Feeling good? Happy reunions all around? Lovely dreams?

That's nice. Anyway here's some shit happening this morning:

- A certain dormant shrine (spoiler: the ox skull) has begun spilling fog out the mouth and eyes. Soon a thick layer of haze covers the shrine room floor. Around the shrine, though, it rises like smoke until the skull can barely made out. To those who have been suffering from nic fits, it probably smells real good..

- In the 5th level shrine that was planted for Lupe, a number of her scalywolves have begun to sniff around the ground. What's up with that?

- In other locations, you might feel like SOMEONE IS WATCHING YOU. Also it's possible that the crazy bitey woman is literally standing there staring at you.

- Or maybe you are totally far away from all of these things and want to stand around talking about your dreams? ]

Dream Post

Jun. 22nd, 2013 03:41 pm
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Who: Sleepy people
When: Day 144, early evening and onward into night
Where: HQ
What: Dream post!

[With the semi-gloom lasting all day for the last couple of days, it might feel difficult to stay awake. It'd be nice just to curl up in your blankets somewhere, and perhaps some are turning in early because of the weather. Either way, those who fall asleep tonight find themselves inclined to dream. And those who dream will find that it becomes difficult to tell where their own dreams end and someone else's dream begins.]


For those of you who have never participated in a dream post, everyone interested in running a dream for their character will make a top-level comment and people comment to that to be in that character's dream. There are basically no rules about how it works! Be a lucid dreamer, don't be, figure it out halfway through, push and pull between who controls the dream. w/e have fun! If you need an OOC excuse to be asleep you can assume Rew's power just made your character unreasonably tired at some point. Solitary dreamers may remember the impression of rising ocean waters and life blooming in its depths when they wake up, though Rew himself doesn't show.))


Jun. 22nd, 2013 03:27 pm
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Who: Anyone
When: Day 144, noon and onward
Where: Anywhere
What: Mingle

[The rain seems to have let up somewhat and there are streaks of sunlight breaking through the clouds between the occasional light sprinkle. Outside the ground has become thoroughly wet, muddy, and slippery, and you might lose your shoes to the muck if you step in the wrong hole. It's still pretty chilly and the damp might not be helping with that, but at least it's not freezing anymore.]

((ooc: placehold mingle for people that want to do stuff before dreampost!))